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Free Dinosaur Downloads

Kids love colouring in and kids love dinosaurs!
So here are some free Paul Stickland Dinosaur Roar! and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs coloring pages and coloring sheets from the best selling children's dinosaur books Dinosaur Roar! and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs for you to download for free, print out and colour in. Have fun!
Use your imagination to colour the dinosaurs in all sorts of crazy colours! Just like me!
Stripes or spots? Glue or glitter? Decorate these free dinos in any way you can imagine.
If you want to see how I coloured in these dinosaurs in my children's books, take a look at my bestselling children's dinosaur books Dinosaur Roar! or Ten Terrible Dinosaurs.
If you are a teacher and have a class full of dinosaur crazy kids, these will be a great teaching resource for you.
Let your students create their own copy of Dinosaur Roar!
Perhaps your class is having a dinosaur week, or a dinosaur themed event? So many schools and libraries love to hold dinosaur events because kids just love dinosaurs and have got plenty of opinions on them!
These black and white dinosaur pictures for kids can be used in all sorts of pre school and primary school classroom contexts.
Use these free dinosaur drawings to create your own children's dinosaur book.
Make up your own story and add your own backgrounds and scenery to create your own custom dinosaur book.
Stick the dinosaur images onto card, cut them out and create your own cut out dinosaur theatre! Re enact the world of the dinosaurs!

If you are looking for free pop up card templates and free pop up book templates and pop up book ideas, please do look at my Paper Craft, Paper Folding, Pop Up Book, Pop Up Card and Everything Paper Blog, Pop Up Paper. A really great resource and inspiration for art and craft teachers.

By Paul Stickland